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Symphonic Works

If you are interested in purchasing any of the following symphonic works, please contact Swan-Cross directly. All works have available both conductor's score and instrumental parts, but are supplied only on-demand.

About the Recordings

These recordings are currently made available for free download, for a variety of reasons. All I ask is that you copy them only for your own listening pleasure and not copy them for others. Instead, direct your friends and family to this website, where they can check the music out for themselves. If you would like CD-quality recordings, many of the pieces listed below are available on CD.

Of course, making and distributing copies of this music for your own personal gain is a violation of copyright and moral law. Please don't do it.



Title Description Order

All the Colors of the Rainbow:
Chinese Folk Song Suite for Flute

Approx. total performance time: 28:00

1. Boy with Purple Bamboo Flute
    2:14         2.2 Mb

2. Poor Man Blue
    5:08         5.0 Mb

3. Mountain everGreen
    3:16         3.2 Mb

4. Tiny Yellow Bird
    2:01         2.0 Mb

5. Woman Sewing Orange Purse
    3:34         3.5 Mb

6. Red Ribbon Sister
    1:05         1.2 Mb

7. All the Colors of the Rainbow
   10:45        10.2 Mb

Third version of this suite (The first two were for electro-acoustic CD accompaniment and piano-only accompaniment, which are both available from the Instrumental music page.)

You can order this suite
on CD.


Title Description Order

Vignettes for Orchestra

             11:18         12.4 Mb

Originally a piano solo

Consists of eleven short movements, all performed as one continuous work

You can order this piece
on CD.


Title Description Order

A (No. 2) Fancy

         13:08       12.3 Mb

Stylistically, blends traditional symphonic styles with more contemporary musical idioms from the rock/pop world

Originally scored in the late 70s

You can order this piece
on CD.

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