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Synthonic Offerings

Swan-Cross is pleased to offer this collection of music that has been composed and performed entirely on electro-acoustic instruments (also known loosely as “synthesizers” or “virtual instruments”).

These recordings are currently made available for free download, for a variety of reasons. All I ask is that you copy them only for your own listening pleasure and not copy them for others. Instead, direct your friends and family to this website, where they can check the music out for themselves. If you would like CD-quality recordings, many of the pieces listed below are available on CD.

Of course, making and distributing copies of this music for your own personal gain is a violation of copyright and moral law. Please don't do it.



Title Description Order


1. Trinity
     4:44         4.5 Mb

2. Humankind
     5:24         5.1 Mb

3. trinity
     2:36         2.5 Mb

5. Metamorphosis
     9:07        9.3 Mb

6. Abalica
     3:18         3.1 Mb

7. Dance of the Great Spheres
     7:02         6.6 Mb

11. Lost, but Not Forsaken
     1:40         1.6 Mb

Inspired by the gift of a beautiful, handmade stained glass kaleidoscope

Available on high-quality CD that includes composition and background notes discussing how and why each piece was conceived and realized as it was

You can order this entire set
on CD.


Title Description Order

May Jesus Christ Be Praised

               3:37             3.5 Mb

First in a future series, a CD-length collection of similar works called I Sing the Hymn Electronique

Also available in a piano-organ duet version


Title Description Order

Epiphany Suite

1. A Piece of Epiphany
    6:33         6.2 Mb

2. L2:40
    2:25         2.3 Mb

3. Proclamation
    0:22         0.3 Mb

4. In the Wilderness
    13:00       12.2 Mb

5. March deLion
    2:29         2.3 Mb

6. Fanfare
    1:06         1.0 Mb

7. Passion's 'our
8. Dawnsong / Sonrise

    22:10       20.8 Mb

One of my earliest synthonic works—a programmatic piece depicting the life of Jesus from beginning to end (at least here on earth)

A Piece of Epiphany — Started as a very early attempt to write a Christmas carol. Eventually, expanded to include quotes from other Christmas season music.

L2:40 — Shorthand for Luke 2:40.

Proclamation — Depicts the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

In the Wilderness — Portrays Jesus's 40 days in the wilderness following his baptism.

March deLion — Illustrates, in a rather light-hearted way, the circus-like atmosphere that must have surrounded much of Jesus's public ministry. Dedicated to my mother because of her love of marches.

Fanfare — Announces the coming of the King into His own city, Jerusalem, on the day we now call Palm Sunday.

Passion's 'our and Dawnsong / Sonrise — Flows as one movement, representing the arrest, trial, conviction, and crucifixion of Jesus. Then, after a long dark night of the soul, the morning dawns and with it, the resurrection of the Lord! Excitement on His victory over death and His return to the Father!

Written for and performed on:

• The Casio CZ-5000 synthesizer

• The Roland TR-505 drum machine

• An old out-of-tune rented upright piano

Recorded and mixed on a Tascam 246 Portastudio 4-channel cassette recorder in the spring and summer of 1988, in Kaiserslautern, West Germany

More recently, recovered from old cassettes and digitally enhanced for this collection

You can order this entire suite
on CD.

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