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Commissioning an Original Piece

Does your church have a special celebration coming up?

Do you know or are you part of a group of musicians who would like their own unique and specially composed piece of music?

Would you like to present someone you love with a unique and special gift?

Are you a teacher looking to do something brand new with your band, orchestra, or choir?

Have you ever considered commissioning an original piece?

Specializing in choral, instrumental, and electroacoustic (that is, synthesizer-based) music, I am always ready for a new challenge, and I love composing (and arranging) music with specific challenges and wants in mind.

So, if you like the kinds of things you have heard (and seen) on this website, you might want to present me with such a challenge and at the same time encourage the creation of new music.

Think you can't afford it?

It might be a lot less expensive than you think. If you would like to have a piece written for any of these kinds of occasions, contact me, and let's see what we can work out.

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