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Miscellaneous Other Works

This page includes a number of works that do not easily fit into other categories.

About the Recordings

These recordings are currently made available for free download, for a variety of reasons. All I ask is that you copy them only for your own listening pleasure and not copy them for others. Instead, direct your friends and family to this website, where they can check the music out for themselves. If you would like CD-quality recordings, many of the pieces listed below are available on CD.

Of course, making and distributing copies of this music for your own personal gain is a violation of copyright and moral law. Please don't do it.

On This Page:

  • The Paschal Lamb
  • (Easter cantata) A telling of the Easter story using only Old Testament scriptures.
















Title Description Order

The Paschal Lamb

An Easter cantata in three parts

Approx. total performance time: 45 min.

Unique Easter cantata, in that it tells the Easter story using only Old Testament scriptures

Begins with the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and progresses through the resurrection

Scored for choir, soloists, small orchestra, synthesizer, and rhythm section instruments (For a list of the full instrumentation for this work, see the first page of the Conductor's Score PDF sample file.)

Print-oriented materials include:

    • Conductor Score

    • Vocal Score (octavo size)

    • Instrumental parts

    • Program and performance notes

Demo recordings and rehearsal CDs also available

Composed in the historical tradition of cantatas (as opposed to the late 20th and early 21st century American notions of what constitutes a cantata)

Stylistically, a unique blend of traditional and contemporary musical styles

Guaranteed to provide both performers and audience with a most unusual and unforgettable experience!


You can order the complete demo recording on CD.

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