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Ordering Music from Swan-Cross

Buying music from Swan-Cross might be a little different from what you have experienced with other publishers. Swan-Cross has worked hard to keep prices extremely competitive with other publishers, while at the same time making the purchase and use of the music as easy as possible for you. In most cases, this means lower than average prices and more flexible purchase options for you.

Choral and Instrumental Music Purchases

Swan-Cross offers most “printed” selections in two formats: PDF files and printed copies. In most cases, the PDF format is less expensive, because you simply receive a PDF file from which you can print as many individual copies as you need. Even if you have a very small group, this is usually much less expensive than purchasing individual copies pre-printed. Please note that, for most pre-printed choral publications (and some others), there is a minimum order of ten copies. The appropriate order forms indicate when this is the case.

To order print- and performance-oriented selections, use one of the following order forms:


To view and fill out these forms, you must have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. You can get the latest version of the free Adobe Reader by clicking the Adobe button to the right.

When ordering with any of these forms, simply fill out the form on your computer and then either return it as an email attachment or print it out and return it by postal service. Sorry, but online ordering is not yet an option. (It is coming soon, though, so stay tuned!)

Pre-Recorded Music Purchases (CDs)

In the case of pre-recorded music, you can download most selections for free. All I ask is that you not share them with or copy them for other people. Instead, direct them to this website from where they can obtain their own (legal) copies.

The music offered for free is all in the form of MP3 files. If you want higher-quality versions, you can order most of the music on CD. To order CDs, use the CD Order Form.

Payment Options

Before any ordered materials are shipped, I must receive payment in full. At this time, I can accept only checks or money orders sent by U.S. Postal Service.

Online credit card and EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments are not yet options, but they are also coming very soon. So, if that is how you would like to pay, please check back soon—and let me know.

Be aware too that, for orders involving printed music copies and CDs, a shipping and handling charge is added.

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