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14: A Collection of Choral Introits and Benedictions

SATB, some a capella, some with keyboard and other accmpaniment

These introits and benedictions are good for year-round use.

This collection of choral introits and benedictions includes seven of each. The collection features a variety of voicings and accompaniments.

The inspiration for this collection was a series of conversations with local choir directors, in which they all lamented the fact that there are plenty of choral anthems around to choose from, but very few dedicated introits and benedictions (our church and many others around here use both on a regular basis). At their instigation and encouragement, I decided to create this collection, many of which have been used on a regular basis now.

Loosely, each numbered introit is designed to be used with the corresponding numbered benediction—though the director is free to mix and match as desired.

As of October 23, 2023, the collection of MP3 demos has been completely remastered and rendered using the amazing SoundsOnline Hollywood Choir sound library. Give them a listen and see if you don't marvel at the capabilities of that wonderful library!

PDF download

NOTE: This a a zip file containing all 14 demos. To hear the demos, download and unzip the file.