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Choral Music

Swan-Cross is proud to make available a varied collection of quality choral works for the discerning choral director.

Note that, to view the sample pages, you must have a PDF viewer, such as Acrobat Reader, which is freely distributed by Adobe, Inc.

To listen to the recordings, you also need a program or device capable of downloading and playing MP3 files.

Pieces are grouped alphabetically by voicing.










Title Description PDF Samples Demo Recordings

Seven Songs of Spring

SATB with piano accompaniment

  1. When Spring Unlocks the Flowers

         Poem by Reginal Heber

  2. Spring Is the Period

         Poem by Emily Dickinson

  3. Lines Written in Early Spring

         Poem by William Wordsworth

  4. A Prayer in Spring

         Poem by Robert Frost

  5. The Spring Storm

         Poem by William Carlos Williams

  6. There Will Come Soft Rains

         Poem by Sara Teasdale

  7. Blossom Time

         Poem by James P. Lukens

Total presentation time is approximately 15 minutes

This collection was composed for the Vintage Voices of Granville community choir that I directed for nearly ten years. For our spring concert in 2018, I was on the hunt for classically oriented songs that were not necessarily sacred.

Don't get me wrong! I love sacred music.

But I wanted something fresh and new, and I simply could not find the kind of thing I was looking for.

So I decided to write my own.

I started by finding sseveral poems from the realm of classic poetry that were in the public domain. I wanted seven, but I could find only six that I wanted to use.

It was my wife who suggested the source for the seventh poem: I happen to be friends with a former Poet Laureate of the State of Ohio, one James P. Lukens, who was a member of my choir. My wife suggested that I ask him if he had anything that might work for this collection.

He did.

And he graciously granted me permission to use that poem for the final poem of this collection. What a blessing!

This collection is a challenging one, but one I hope that others will find as richly rewarding to perform as did the members of the Vintage Voices.

This collection also provided me as a composer with the opportunity to accept a challenge I had had under consideration for a number of years: That of composing a collection in which each piece was written in a different musical mode, one each for the seven classic modes in music. Those modes are listed as subtitles.

The entire collection was composed over a period of about two weeks in late 2017. The demos presented here were rendered using the Eastwest Quantum Leap Hollywood Choir sound library. The printed music was produced using Finale.













When Spring Unlocks the Flowers
             6.2 Mb

Spring Is the Period
             4.2 Mb

Lines Written in Early Spring
             8.2 Mb

A Prayer in Spring
             6.8 Mb

The Spring Storm
             5.6 Mb

There Will Come Soft Rains
             6.1 Mb

Blossom Time
             5.3 Mb

Title Description Samples Recordings Order

14, A Collection of Choral Introits and Benedictions

SATB, some a capella, some with keyboard and other accmpaniment

Presentation times range from 13 to 57 seconds.

Price: FREE!

These introits are good for year-round use.

Freely copy, freely use. Please just remember and respect copyright laws.

468 Kb

10.8 Mb

NOTE: This a a zip file containing all 14 demos. To hear the demos, download and unzip the file.


Behold, a Virgin Shall Conceive

SATB with piano accompaniment and optional children's choir, handbells

Approx. perf. time: 4:25

     Choral octavos:
        PDF – $10.00
        Printed copies – $1.75 each
     Handbell score and parts:
        PDF – $10.00
        Printed – $12.00

Advent, primarily

Based on Mary’s famous affirmation of faith, sometimes called the “Magnificat”

Can be performed with or without a children's choir (the sopranos taking the children's part), but definitely enhanced by the presence of the children’s or youth voices

Optional handbells part available

Demo recording done with the Eastwest Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs and Piano Gold sound libraries

221 Kb

4.3 Mb

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

SATB, a capella (or with optional piano accompaniment)

Approx. perf. time: 2:15

     PDF – $10.00
     Printed copies – $1.50 each

Arrangement of the popular song by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane

Commissioned by the Sounds of Praise Singers of Newark, Ohio, for their 2007 Christmas season

Performance options:

• A capella (primary option)

• With piano accompaniment

Demos available done with electro-acoustic instruments (Unfortunately, the fermatas near the end are a little messed up on the a capella version—Finale's kind of quirky when it comes to playing back fermatas and such...)

225 Kb

a capella

2.1 Mb

with piano acc.

2.3 Mb


SATB with handbells and organ accompaniment

Approx. perf. time (std. version): 4:00
(Adv. version): 4:20

     Choral/Piano/Organ score*:
         PDF – $10.00
         Printed copies – $1.95

* Handbell parts are included only in the PDF version.

Intended to be the second in a collection of anthems titled Songs from the Revelation

Text taken from the Revelation of St. John, chapter 4, verses 8 and 11.

Two versions:

• Standard version in 4/4

• More challenging and slightly longer advanced version, mostly in 7/4

When ordering, please specify which version you want.

Premiered in the Spring of 2008 by the Centenary United Methodist Church Chancel Choir

Demo recordings done with electro-acoustic instruments

111 Kb



112 Kb

3.8 Mb



4.1 Mb


SATB with children's choir, piano accompaniment, and optional recorder descant

Approx. perf. time: 3:40

     PDF – $10.00
     Printed copies – $1.50 each

Palm Sunday, primarily

Can be performed with or without a children's choir, but especially nice when done with.

Jewish flavor makes it ideal for a Palm Sunday processional, complete with waving palm leaves.

Demo recording done with electro-acoustic instruments

209 Kb

3.5 Mb

The Old Rugged Cross
(Were You There?)

SATB with piano accompaniment

Approx. perf. time: 6:00

     PDF – $10.00
     Printed copies – $1.60 each

Written for and premiered by the Vintage Voices of Granville, Ohio, for their Palm Sunday concert in 2007

Should be accessible to most SATB choirs, though it has its challenges

The recording here is from the premiere presentation

226 Kb

5.7 Mb

The Paschal Lamb

SATB cantata with instrumental accompaniment

Holy Week (Easter) cantata

Unique in that the text for it is taken entirely from the Old Testament.

Intriguing mix of classical and rock influences and guaranteed to be not quite like anything else you've ever experienced. Powerful!

For more information, samples and demo recordings, see The Paschal Lamb.


Psalm 1 (Blesséd Is the Man)

SATB with piano accompaniment and optional flute solo and descant

Approx. perf. time: 5:15

     PDF – $10.00
     Printed copies – $1.50

Commissioned and premiered by the Presbyterian Church at Bristol, PA, for the ordination of their new pastor, circa 1985.

Demo done with electro-acoustic instruments

242 Kb

5.0 Mb

Psalm 117

SATB with piano and optional instrumental accompaniment

Approx. perf. time: 2:35

     Choral octavos:
         PDF – $10.00
         Printed copies – $1.50 each
     Instrumental parts packet:
         PDF – $10.00
         Printed – $12.00

Written as part of The Paschal Lamb Easter cantata

Written in a lively 7/8 meter, combines traditional choral writing with a canon (round), for a joyful celebration of God's praise

Can be performed with piano only, or with a variety of optional extra percussion and other instruments (instrumental parts available separately)

217 Kb

2.5 Mb

Thine Is the Glory!

SATB with brass, piano, and organ accompaniment

Approx. perf. time: 3:40

     PDF – $10.00
     Printed copies – $1.60 each

Commissioned and premiered by the musicians at Spring Hills Baptist Church in Granville, OH, for Easter services in 2003

Optional guitars, bass, and drums in the second and third stanzas.

Demo done with electro-acoustic instruments

215 Kb

3.5 Mb

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Title Description Samples Recording Order

O God, Our Help

SAB with piano accompaniment

Approx. perf. time: 3:07

     PDF – $10.00
     Printed copies – $1.50 each

Commissioned and premiered by the Chancel Choir of Centenary United Methodist Church in Granville, OH

Can be learned quickly and easily

Recording here is of the premiere performance on September 11, 2005 (The choir had only two rehearsals to prepare this before presenting it! Although there are a couple rough spots, you can see what might be done with it in a short period of time.)

218 Kb

3.0 Mb

A Pure Heart

SAB with piano accompaniment

Approx. perf. time: 3:40

     PDF – $10.00
     Printed copies – $1.60 each

Commissioned by my good friend and fellow composer, Bill Vollinger

Employs the principles of a compositional technique called "equitonalism"


Premiered by Bill's choir at Church of the Savior in Paramus, NJ, in March of 2004. Has since been performed by the Chancel Choir of the Centenary United Methodist Church in Granville, OH.

Recording here is from the presentation at Centenary UMC in the spring of 2006.

342 Kb

3.6 Mb

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Title Description Samples Recording Order

An Irish Blessing

5-part round with optional 4-hand piano accompaniment

Approx. perf. time: Varies

     PDF – $10.00
     Printed copies – $1.25 each

Written as a "simple" round that can be done in up to 5 parts; accompaniment done with either 2 or 4 hands

Text is the traditional "Irish Blessing"

Premiered in the spring of 1992, by the combined Eastwood Middle and High School choirs in northwestern Ohio, as the concert closer

Performance staged choirs around auditorium, surrounding the audience

Written as a spring concert closer for middle and high school choirs to do together

Relatively easy to teach in a short time

Demo done using electro-acoustic instruments

299 Kb

2.6 Mb

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