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Title Description Published:

All the Colors of the Rainbow:
Chinese Folk Song Suite for Flute

Flute, with electro-acoustic, symphonic, or piano-only accompaniment

Approx. total performance time: 28:00

Electro-acoustic version:

1. Boy with Purple Flute

2. Poor Man Blue

3. Mountain everGreen

4. Tiny Yellow Bird

5. Woman Sewing Orange Purse

6. Red Ribbon Sister

7. All the Colors of the Rainbow

This work was commissioned in circa 1992 by a flutist from Taiwan, as part of an effort to popularize and "Westernize" traditional Chinese folk songs.

Of the seven movements, six are built on authentic Chinese folk songs. The seventh movement is a set of variations built on a theme that was my attempt to create an original theme that evoked a Chinese folk song.

Available in three versions:
Over the years, I have published (and demoed) these versions, all using the same flute part, with different versions of the accompaniment:

• Electroacoustic (pre-recorded synthesizer) accompaniment

• Piano-only accompaniment

• Symphonic orchestra accompaniment (available from the Symphonic Works page)

The Print version includes both the piano-flute score and the flute-only part.

The Performance CD includes "Trax-Minus-One" electro-acoustic accompaniments suitable for public performance, and your choice of the electro-acoustic version of the accompaniment OR the piano-only version of the accompaniment.