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Title Description Published:

Jolly Ol’ Nick

Seasonal theme & variations for beginner or intermediate band

Based on the popular Christmas song “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

Approx. perf. time: 3:30

produced in Finale with Garritan Personal Orchestra

This work was commissioned by the Vogelweh Elementary School band in Kaiserslautern, Germany, under the direction of my wife. I hate to brag, but she had a 3rd-thru-5th grade band that would be the envy of many a State-side intermediate school band. Really!

This piece was premiered at the band's Christmas concert at the school in December, 1988.

In the first movement, the entire band presents the “theme”. The following three movements feature the brass section, the woodwinds section, and the percussion section in that order, with a fun little zinger at the end.