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Title Description Published:


1. Trinity

2. Humankind

3. trinity

4. The Corners

5. Metamorphosis

6. Abalica

7. Dance of the Great Spheres

9. SpiritFruit

10. Covenental Clockwork

11. Lost, but Not Forsaken

This collection was inspired by a very special gift.

It was the first anniversary of our marriage. For some time previous, I had been creatively log-jammed, totally unable to produce any new music at all. I was ready to give it all up.

But then, a very special friend of ours presented us with a very special anniversary gift: It was a hand-made kaleidoscope, crafted from stained glass, that she had made for us.

One look through this marvelous and incredible kaleidoscope took away my breath with its beauty and wonder. It also broke the log jam. All of a sudden, I had a totally new sense of direction as a composer!

That was the inspiration for this collection of pieces. Before the week was out, I had conceived a collection of pieces that would attempt to convey, in musical terms, something of the experience of gazing through a kaleidoscope like that wonderful gift. Each one of these pieces, in its own way, makes that attempt—obviously, with varying degrees of success.

The collection was conceived to consist of twelve individual pieces. As you can see, the project is not yet complete, even 30-some years later.

That does not mean I have given it up.