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Title Description Published:

Symphony No. 2 in G (sort of)

Approx. total performance time: 43:47

I. Ma'or Gadol, Ma'or Qaton

II. Ad'm, Ish'sha

III. Mashiach, Satan

IV. Gehenna, Ouranůs

The movement titles pretty much say it all for this one.

Other than that, all I can say is that I believe this to be the best and most profound of all my works, both musicologically and artistically. In the first movement, in particular, I fully explored some of the possibilities of "equitonalism", as well as executing a thorough "mirror" approach to the thematic material.

Interested in knowing more? Let me know. This is one piece I am absolutely not abashed to talk about!

This work was composed/scored in Finale and later rendered in REAPER, using the EastWest Quantum Leap sound libraries. It was completed © in 2016.