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Title Description Published:

Symphony No. 5 (E)
    “Amazing Grace”

Approx. total performance time: 41:56

I. Gomer

II. Ruth

III. Abigail

IV. Chosen

V. Elizabeth / Epilogue

This was the symphony I wasn't going to write. Well, at least at first. I was a little burned out after finishing the 4th, and really not interested in taking up another major project right away.

God had other plans, apparently.

As with most of my other symphonies, one unifying element is the number of the symphony itself, 5. I'll not attempt to explain it all, but from the meters to the melodic intervals to the number of movements (duh), that number is ever present. Even the underlying message of “Amazing Grace” is based on the Biblical significance of the number 5.

I did not intentionally set out to make this a celebration of some of the significant “women of the Bible”. That just sort of happened on its own. No politically correct statement is intended here: and yet, it is true that, in many cases, women have been some of the greatest examples and instruments of God's amazing grace.

This work was written and scored in Finale, and later rendered in REAPER, using the EastWest Quantum Leap sound libraries. It was completed in 2021.